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In our design studio, through the following services that we list below, we help to create and disseminate in the most attractive way possible the company image of your organization or your personal brand as a fundamental part of its corporate identity:


  • Logo design.

  • Update of an existing logo (Rebranding).

  • Corporate stationery design.

  • Corporate email design

  • Sending newsletter or newsletters.

  • Design de PowerPoint templates

  • Print and digital billboards

  • Website design

  • Design of brochures, corporate brochures

Corporate image


The corporate image is the visual representation of the different communication elements of a brand, company or organization. The corporate image of a company is the visual universe of a brand, the set of pieces developed in any support and field that we can visualize and that identify the brand.


The previous explanation of what a corporate image is is done with technical criteria to somehow differentiate the corporate image from the corporate identity.

Corporate identity


The corporate identity is the representation or conceptual image that a viewer has of an organization or a company, the corporate image is a part of the corporate identity that refers to the visual aspects of said representation. Corporate identity is not just about the company logo, corporate identity is the image, sensations, emotions, philosophy and values that the company transmits abroad and by extension, the representation of all that set of elements that we as spectators we perceive it.

Today more than ever, organizations need to carry out actions that contribute to creating an attractive, modern and attractive image of them as well as socially committed, corporate social responsibility is also an important element to highlight in today's organizations that form It is also part of the organization's global corporate identity project.


It is a challenge for our graphic design studio to translate the aforementioned aspects, many of them abstract concepts that define a company or organization in different tangible elements or material objects that will make up its name (naming) and its graphic or visual representation ( Logo). In the works that we call corporate image or logo design and corporate design, we try to develop a line of coherent objects with shapes and colors that are clearly, uniformly and concretely perceivable by the public, based on virtual concepts or ideas that initially they are only in the mind.

The corporate image includes a company's corporate stationery, forms, PowerPoint templates, web page design, brochures, corporate brochures... and of course the corporate image includes the company logo, often the logo it is the only communication element that has been designed and the logo is therefore the corporate image of a company, in other cases it is only a part.


The way in which a company logo is implemented or applied has a decisive influence on the result of the corporate image.


In short, the corporate image of a company is what we see of a company in terms of graphic design, the image of a company must be implemented in a coherent and uniform way, it must be recognizable and, of course, it must follow a marketing strategy. brand. 

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