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Communication and public affairs consultancy specialized in legislative processes. Nuestro legislative team has over 20 years of experience in the executive, legislative and municipal government branches. The work method on which we base ourselves is preventive intelligence, anticipating any matter that may affect your interests. We train companies, NGOs, managers and people in general who want to learn how influence decision-making at all levels of government. Focused mainly on organizations that want to delve into the legislative processes. We prepare tailored plans based on the needs of our clients. In addition, we periodically organize seminars and intensive courses.



  • Analysis of political initiatives evaluating risks and opportunities to anticipate the facts.

  • Preparation of technical and parliamentary dossier focused on customer needs.

  • Drafting of proposals legislativas (Bills, Resolutions...).

  • Writing papers for legislative public hearings.

  • Accompaniment and follow-up of the client in the contacts maintained with the different levels of the government during the process.

  • Detection of external and internal influential actors in decision-making and Institutional Relations strategies for a direct, permanent and stable relationship with them.

  • Planning, development and management of networking



We offer political and electoral consulting services from a global perspective. 360º strategies for politicians, candidates, deputies and other public representatives. A comprehensive consultancy service with which we offer everything our clients need from image, communication or marketing issues to strategy, action plans or technical reports.

  • Advice on public policies.

  • Political consulting for legislators and public representatives.

  • Communication for public representatives.

  • Drafting of legislative measures

  • Communication strategies and political marketing.

  • Grassroots mobilization actions and strategies.

  • Image consultancy.

  • Preparation of speeches, positions and messages.

  • Campaign materials.

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